Kris Nastevski


My Story.
 My Mission.

Kris is Gadean’s General Manager, and has been with Gadean Footwear since 1998.

Kris is a Certified Pedorthist CmAu. Registration Number #3353.
Kris is also a member of the Pedorthic Association of Australia.

How to see Kris:

You can make an appointment with Kris at either our Malaga or O’Connor shop, and he also travels to Adelaide to see clients.

To book in at our Malaga shop, please call: (08) 9248 6533
To book in at our O’Connor shop, please call: (08) 9331 3244

To book in at our shop in Adelaide, please call: (08) 8355 0622

If you are unable to visit one of our shops in WA, home visits can be organised. Please call Linda on (08) 9248 6533 for more information.

Kris also does clinics at Bunbury and Albany every couple of months to see clients.
Call our head office on (08) 9248 6533 for appointments or for more information about Kris’ country trips.

What is a Pedorthist?

A Pedorthist is a person who provides medical grade footwear and/or orthotic appliances and appropriate advice to a patient after assessment and analysis of the patient’s problem(s). This includes the provision of prefabricated footwear and/or, alteration of prefabricated footwear and or custom designed and manufactured footwear/orthotic appliances and advice on the need and application of medical grade footwear, orthotic appliances and other footwear.

A pedorthist is an allied health care professional who specialises in the improvement of human movement, in particular gait and better foot function. A pedorthist conducts a comprehensive assessment which may lead to them manufacturing corrective footwear, orthoses or other supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and human mobility

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